Internet Safety


Are you concerned about what your child is viewing or communicating online? If you are looking for tips and tools to help teach your child internet safety, look at these two great sites.

This site is a great resource from the Utah Attorney General's Office and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children designed to protect kids by educating them about internet safety. Along with helpful tips for parents, there is a wonderful section for kids titled, NetSmartzKids. NetSmartzKids is a child safe site with games and videos that teach internet safety. The NSTeens section is also a great place to learn about social network safety and how to avoid cyberbullying.

This site is the home of Faux Paw the Techno Cat. Click on “Parent Resource Center” to find ways to keep your children safe from “the three main risks associated with all connected technology: inappropriate contact, inappropriate content, and inappropriate conduct.” Also click on the “For Kids” section to watch the Faux Paw video. A printable book version of the video, written by Jackie Leavitt, is also available under the “For Educators” link.