2013 Spring Film Festival Winners

Willow Springs film Festival Winners!  These entries will be sent on the District Level:

  • Documentary
    • "African Savanna Habitats" by Ms. Brower's class
    • "Cooking with Rockin' Chefs" by Ms. Hodson's class
  • Newscast
    • "Animals in Their Habitats" by Ms. Wirthlin's class
    • "The Day Idioms Came True" by Mr. Besendorfer's class
  • PSA
    • "Personal Information" by Natalie Newton in Ms. McFarland's class
  • Feature Film
    • "Guess That Rock!" by Ms. Barlow's class
  • Teacher Film
    • "Pioneer Pride Dancing" by Ms. Roberts
    • "Channel 2013 Willow Springs News" by Ms. Watson