Brain Booster's

Willow Springs’ Brain Boosters are Art, Playworks, Technology, and Library/Media. These classes take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The days and times vary according to grade level.   All students will receive two hours worth of Brain Boosters per week, attending all four Boosters in a two week period.

Art: Students will develop their understanding of grade level content through art.

Playworks: This program will support the development of safe and positive play on the playground. Students are taught a variety of team building and cooperative learning games that can be implemented on the playground. Our Recess Teachers will help students implement the activities they learn in class on the playground.

Technology: Students will learn to use digital media to communicate and to support individual learning. They will receive instruction in internet safety, coding, and using research tools, among other things.

Library/Media: Students will learn to use the media center as a means of gathering information. In addition, students will continue to develop their love of reading.