CRT Results

Here you can find results from Utah’s Criterion Referenced Test (CRT). Second through sixth grade students participate in this state test each year. The CRT assesses all participating  students’ Language Arts and Math skills according to state standards and benchmarks. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are also assessed in Science. The CRT reports student performance in levels of proficiency. Level one is minimal proficiency. Level two is partial proficiency. Level three is sufficient proficiency. Level four is substantial proficiency. Willow Springs scored extremely well on this standardized test. A high percentage of our students ranked in the level four and level three areas-substantial and sufficient proficiency ranges. In most cases our students outperformed district averages. The acronym LEA stands for Local Educational Agency. The scores illustrated in these graphs are from 2008 and 2009. During this time our LEA was Jordan School District. Next year our students will be compared to other students in our new LEA, Canyons School District. These wonderful scores are a direct reflection of the strong partnership between parents and teachers in our building. Thank you to all parents for supporting education at home. Thank you to the entire staff at Willow Springs for demonstrating a strong commitment to all of our students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Congratulations to the students at Willow Springs on a job well done!!