Drop-Off Pick-Up Procedure

In order to drop off your child. please pull into the far right lane, drive all the way around the loop to the parking lot exit, and stop behind the car in front of you..  As you leave the drop-off lane, you will move to the left into the thru lane and turn right to exit the parking lot (please do not drive through the drop-off lane to exit).  This will allow more cars into the drop-off land and will also keep traffic moving.  As gaps open up in the drop-off lane, more cars will be able to pull into the empty spots.  Also, children should also only be exiting the car from the right side onto the sidewalk so as not to interfere with traffic in the thru lane.

The thru lane will ONLY be allowed for cars driving all the way around to open spots, as well as those leaving the parking lot.  Please DO NOT stop in the thru lane to let your child out of your car.  This becomes a safety issue as they are walking between parked cars in the drop-off lane, and doing so will block the thru lane as well.

The drop-off lane is also not to be used to park your car.  You must remain in your car to pull into this lane.  If you wish to enter the school, please park in the east parking lot. Please do not park in the south parking lot as this is reserved for staff and buses, and there is no safety patrol to escort students in front of the buses and truck loading dock.  Walking students should enter school grounds from the sidewalk on the east side of the school to avoid buses and trucks unloading at the dock.

Thank you for considering the safety of all the children.  We wish to make this process run as smoothly as quickly as possible.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.