2015-16 Message

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

I have worked hard all summer and I am excited to begin the new school year.

You will notice one big change when you come into the school this year. Security doors have been installed in our foyer, instead of the little green men that have previously directed visitors to the main office. This added security is for the safety of your children and our staff. Along with this added safety measure, our office staff will be more proactive in monitoring who comes into the building. All volunteers must complete the volunteer registration process through the district BEFORE being allowed to help in the school. If you have not completed the registration before you come to the school, we will not be able to let you volunteer that day. We apologize in advance if we have to send you away until you have completed the registration. But we know you will all understand that it is for the safety of our students.