Willow Springs School Community Council Bylaws

Willow Springs School Community Council Bylaws

Article I – Name

Willow Springs School Community Council

Article II – Laws

All Utah School Community Councils function under the following laws and statutes:

Utah Code Ann.

53E-4-306 – State reading goal- reading achievement plan

53G-7-1202 – School Community Councils- duties- composition-election procedures and selection of members

53G-7-1203 – School Community Councils-open and pubic meeting requirements

53G-7-1204 – School Improvement Plan

53G-7-1205-1206 – School Community Councils and Charter trust land councils

53F-9-201 – Uniform school fund- contents- trust distribution account

53-2-404 – School LAND trust program- purpose-distribution of funds-school plans for use of funds

Utah Administrative Code:

R277-477-1, et seq.

R277-491-1, et seq.

Article III – Standing Rules

1)    Number of Members: The number of student Community Council members will be limited to 14 total members. This number will adhere to the laws.

a)     Each school community council for an elementary school shall have four parent or guardian members and school employee members, including the principal, and the membership of every council must include two more parents or guardian members than the number of school employee members.

b)    A school community council may have a larger membership provided that the number of parent or guardian members exceeds the number of school employee members.

2)    Members, parent and employee, have an expectation of attendance

a)     If for some reason a member cannot attend, they need to notify the chairman ahead of time to be excused.

b)    Missing three meetings during a given school year may be grounds for the respective group (parent or employee) to appoint a replacement. If absences are excused, the respective group may give a warning, but on the fourth absence, a replacement may be considered.

3)    Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected for the period of a two-year term. Positions may be continued for consecutive terms.

4)    Resignations of any council members will be filled by parents filling parent positions and employees filling employee positions.

5)    A majority of the members of a school community council is a quorum for the transaction of business.

a)     The action of a majority of the members of a quorum is the action of the school community council.

6)    As School Community Councils are subject to Open Meetings Law.

7)    All meetings will be conducted using Rules of Order and Procedure

8)    Guests may share appropriate input on subjects that fall under the School Community Council purview. The items that are appropriate for discussion by School Community Councils include, but are not limited to:

a)     School improvement plan

b)    School LAND Trust Plan,

i)      a & b would necessitate a discussion on the academic needs of the school, with the direction to determine the greatest academic need of the school for LAND Trust Plan expenditures. This discussion should include measurable data.

c)     Digital Citizenship Plan

d)    Parent/school communication and involvement

e)    Advise and make recommendations regarding school programs and issues relating to the community environment for students at the SCC discretion

f)      Questions for study or input brought to the SCC by the Board of Education, Administration or District.

9)    Items not to be discussed by the School Community Council include:

a)     Any personnel issues

b)    Individual student information

10) For a patron to bring a topic to the School Community Council they must contact the Council Chair in advance of the meeting and ask to be added to the agenda. An individual will be given 3 minutes to present. A group   will be given 5 minutes to present. The Council, as a body, may then choose to add the topic to an agenda for future discussion. The School Community Council, as a whole, may invite any person/group to make a longer presentation if desired.