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Brain Boosters

Willow Springs students attend two hours each week of Brain Booster classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. The days and times vary according to grade level. Brain Booster classes are designed to enhance student classroom learning. Willow Springs Brain Booster classes include: Visual Art, Playworks, Library, Music, and STEM. 

Visual Art: Willow Springs is a Beverly Taylor Sorenson School. Mrs. Van De Graaff is a licensed educator with a MA degree in Arts Education. In this class, students develop their understanding of grade level content through arts integration. Willow Springs holds an annual art night in May spotlighting the work of every student. More information about the program can be found here. Families can see student art spotlights throughout the year on Instagram.

Playworks: The Playworks program supports the development of safe and positive play on the playground. Mr. Kinney teaches a variety of team building and cooperative learning games that can be implemented in the gym and on the playground. Willow Springs recess teachers help students implement the activities they learn in class on the playground.

Library/Media: Willow Springs students learn to use the media center as a means of gathering information. Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Swallow provide lessons to students focusing on genres, theme, authors, online resources, and more! Students will develop their love of reading as they check out books and listen to stories in the library.

Music: Students at Willow Springs will be introduced to types of music, rhythm, tempo, genres, and much more as they explore the world of music with Mrs. Borg and Mrs. Harris. Students will have opportunities to sing as they learn more about music. 

STEM: Our school STEM program focuses on the practical application of science and technology to supplement classroom learning. Using iPads and Chromebooks, students learn coding, engineering basics, Lego Education, and more!

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