—The internet is a public space where strangers can see your information. It can be OK to share fun and interesting information online, but sharing private information like where you live or your full name is unsafe. And sharing secrets online can hurt other people’s feelings.

It’s important to think carefully about what you share online because the information is permanent.

– Our students are surrounded and immersed in media at school and at home.  How can we help our students use critical thinking skills to be media literate? Here are 5 questions that we can ask to promote media literacy.

5 Essential Media Literacy Questions:

1.      Who created the message?
2.      Why was it made?
3.      Who is paying for it?
4.      How is the message trying to get my attention?
5.      Who is represented in the message and who is missing?


·   When does technology use make you happy?
·   When does technology use make you sad or mad?
·   What are some smart technology choices you can make so that you stay active and connected with others this summer?


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