We hear from some parents that they receive too much communications from the school (email, text, and phone alerts).  We hear from other parents that they do not receive any communication.  You can manage the way your receive messages through your Skyward account.  Please check Skyward to ensure that we have your correct phone numbers and email addresses on file.


For messages directly from the school:

. Go into Skyward Family Access using your login information.

. Click on the blue Skylert tab – you will see your phone number(s) and email(s).

. Check or unclick the boxes for the information you want to receive and how you want to receive it (phone call, email, text message)

.  For example, if you only want to receive phone calls, then uncheck the boxes for email and text

.  If all boxes are checked you will receive phone calls, text messages, and emails containing the same information.

.  You can also add or delete additional phone numbers, emails, or text numbers.


For Peachjar Flyers

.  To change your delivery preferencs login at www.peachjar.com.  Your email has been registered by Canyons District.  You may need to click on “Forgot Password” to gain access to your account.

.  Once you have logged in, choose Notificaiton Preferences.

. Select freguency – immediately, daily, weekly, never.

.  Declecat or remove school(s)




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