School Community Council Agenda

Willow Springs Elementary

February 16th , 10:00 am       

Marianne Yule, Principal       

Megan Gutierrez, Chair

Denise White, Achievement Coach

Brooke Zimmerman, Vice Chair

Shanda Antuna, Achievement Coach

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary

Christine Wirthlin, Teacher

Alexis Rife, Parent – Not in Attendance


Cassidy Merrell, Parent


DeeAnna Smith, Parent – Not in Attendance




  1. Approved Minutes from 11/17/21
    • Cassidy motioned to approve the minutes from the 11/17/21 meeting. Kaydee second. Approved by each member.
  1. Discuss Child Access Routing Plan (SNAP) and prepare recommendations (only elementary and middle schools). Due January 14th.
    • Yule recapped last years SNAP and provided updated on what the city has approved and not approved. Ms. Yule asked for recommendations on what the school/community and city could help fix with regarding to walking/routing plans including infrastructure, crosswalks, etc. Ms. Yule sent the SNAP via email to each member for parents and teachers to add their concerns. Please see the Safe Routes Concerns document. Will hold an additional meeting on March 1st if there is not enough parent/teacher involvement via email or if there needs to be further discussion.
  1. Reviewed each grades reading and math goals and accomplishments.
    • Shanda showed us the Beginning of the Year (BOY) and Middle of the Year (MOY) numbers and standings. Please see attached document for reference.
      • Cassidy asked what we do with this information. Shanda explained that it is presented to faculty and staff weekly, and individual grades/teachers brainstorm and problem solve to be able to hit benchmarks.
      • Kaydee asked how parents can help support teaches more to help hit the benchmark goals. Ms. Yule explained that parents coming in to help/volunteer in the classroom as often as possible. Ms. Yule also mentioned the importance of at-home support with homework for each child.
      • The SCC team discussed ways to help teachers have things readily available for volunteers.
  1. Review current year’s TSSP and LAND Trust plan, data, expenditures, and review if on course or if amendments are necessary.
    • Yule proposed an amendment to the TSSP and Land Trust Plan budget to purchase supplies for “Calming Kits” in each classroom throughout the school. The purchase would come from excess funds from previous SCC years. These funds have been allowed to roll-over due to the COVID pandemic years. The change to expenditure would be $5,000.
      • Yule discussed Willow Springs Elementary’s faculty and staff wanting/needing these “Calming Kits” due to the increase in externalizing behaviors, which they believe is a result of the COVID pandemic. There has been an increase in externalizing behaviors: the SRSS was at 84%, low risk in the fall. During the winter tests behaviors fell to 78%.
      • Yule and the Willow Springs Elementary Staff feel like a “Calming Kit” with mindfulness tools, which would include various assortment of fidget toys, would increase positive behavior and help students calm down when they are feeling angry or aggressive and help themselves regulate their emotions.
      • Having the “Calming Kit” in each classroom would avoid calling the psychologist immediately.
      • Cassidy commented her concern about the kits causing disruption to the rest of the kids/classroom.
      • Kaydee commented her concerns about the child’s poor behavior being rewarded with toys.
      • Brooke agreed with Cassidy and Kaydee’s comments and worried about other children wanting the items from the kits for themselves and possibly acting out in negative ways to be able to obtain items from the kits they want to play with.
      • Cassidy also asked about physical space in the classroom that children can go to use these kits, out of eye sight from the rest of the classroom, possibly behind a partition or something.
      • Yule confirmed the success that other schools in the district have had with these “Calming Kits” and assured that teachers would be trained when and how would be the most appropriate times to use them.
      • Yule discussed that teachers were not able to teach mindfulness/calmness skills and tools each morning because of the district-wide “pause” in the Second Steps program. She believes these kits will assist the teachers with being able to help students who need a break.
      • The SCC as a group discussed the huge changes in kids behaviors towards teachers in the past 5 – 10 years.
      • Motion to approve the amendment by Brooke Zimmerman, seconded by Shanda. Approved by all 8 members present.
      • Each member of the SCC needs to come in the office and sign the amendment.
    • Mid-year expenditures update
      • With additional funds Ms. Yule is updating technology equipment that is 4 – 5 years old, and purchasing the IReady reading program for younger grades. Reviewed data.
      • Cassidy and Brooke discussed using additional money to help fund an additional brainbooster once a week for all kids, preferably science.
  1. Handbook update: The handbook has not been distributed and was put on hold because there was a big kerfuffle between staff and parents about the wearing and use of smart watches. Ultimately, smart watches can be worn, but should not be used during the school day at any time. The handbook will be updated and distributed.
  2. Ms. Yule motioned to adjourn the 02/16/22 meeting, Shanda seconded it.