School Community Council Agenda

Willow Springs Elementary

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March 16, 10:00 am   

Marianne Yule, Principal       

Megan Gutierrez, Chair

Denise White, Achievement Coach

Brooke Zimmerman, Vice Chair

Shanda Antuna, Achievement Coach

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary

Christine Wirthlin, Teacher

Alexis Rife, Parent


Cassidy Merrell, Parent


DeeAnna Smith, Parent



  1. Approve Minutes from 2/16/22
  2. Cell Tower $2,833: Some for principal discretionary. Some for new books. How much?
  3. Update school website with current agenda/minutes/information from meeting.
  4. Finalize development of TSSP and LAND Trust Plan.
  5. Review Positive Behavior Plan.
  6. Signature page confirmed and signed at meeting where approval is passed.
  7. Submit plans when complete.
  8. Discussion regarding technology use in the classroom.