13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

School Community Council Minutes

Willow Springs Elementary

13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

October 18, 2023 | 10:00 – 11:30 am

Anne Hansen, Principal         

Megan Gutierrez, Parent

Alyx Tatom, Teacher

Megan Ord, Vice Chair

Denise White, Instructional Coach

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary (Attended virtually)

Megan White, Teacher

Jessica Smith, Parent


Sarajane Luper, Parent


Shalisse Smith, Parent

  • Welcome Officer Adam Neff, Leslie Bruce (over Crossing guards), Kaitlin Onion, Emily Petersen, Emily Ord, Holly Neibaur
  • Finalize School Safety Report, Digital Citizenship Report and Safe Walking Routes reports – these are due November 1.
  • Safe walking routes discussed.
    • Letter went out from the district that we will no longer have hazardous busing provided due to added sidewalk.
    • Kaitlin and Emily P both made comments and brought maps showing concerns over safety and absence of sidewalk in some areas. Fastest route is 27 minutes. They feel this is too long. 9-11 kids were affected. Winter makes it even more difficult for the kids.
    • Map shows a crossing guard at Stokes and 3rd but it was removed.
    • Holly Neibaur explained how the traffic score is obtained.
    • We discussed 3rd and Carlquist, Leslie said they studied that area but not enough kids, many are driven in winter as well.
    • Council agreed to ask for hazardous busing to be resumed in section 4.
  • Principal Hansen showed a drop off map and asked if there were any concerns. Megan Ord brought up a previous plan to get a left and right arrow put on the ground and signage: it never happened. We are adding to the safety plan.
  • Megan G brought up digital citizenship. We went through the plan.
    • Jessica Smith discussed teachers providing info on tech used in classroom; specific apps and time spent on apps. She wants Willow Springs to be the leaders on putting highest restrictions on all student Chromebooks universally. She shared information about DPMS and the Concerns parents are having as children are accessing pornography and sharing it.
    • Megan G brought up what are reasons we wouldn’t put highest
      restrictions? Does it block access for teachers or what teachers need students to do?
    • Jessica’s kids are on the highest restriction level and it hasn’t been a problem.
    • Principal Hansen said she already said no more digital parties in
      classrooms. She expressed hesitancy in putting the whole school on that mode and needs to do some research:talk to teachers, ISD, and her bosses first to understand that possibility.
    • Megan G suggested we do research and let Principal Hansen do research and vote at a later meeting.
    • We decided to have a December meeting on December 13th at 10:00 to vote and we will discuss more at the November meeting.
    • Principal Hansen will do a field test with students on the highest restriction level to see if teachers have any concerns or problems.
    • Holly Neibaur cautioned to not do it too fast, let the Principal do her research.
    • Emily Ord suggested inviting parents to the next meeting.
  • Review and approve minutes-Jessica motioned to approve last minutes, Shalisse seconded motion.
  • Review current year’s LAND Trust plan, data, expenditures, and review if spending is on course or if amendments are necessary
    • Principal Hansen said we can only hire 4 aides not 5 based on budget. Come 2024 we will reevaluate to see how long we can keep aides.
  • SCC Bulletin Board- offered by Principal Hansen-Jessica, Megan, and Shalisse will head it up.
  • Adjourn Meeting-Megan White motioned to adjourn and Alyx Tatom seconded motion.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:57am
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