13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

School Community Council Agenda

October 19, 2022 | 10:00 – 11:30 am

Willow Springs Elementary

13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

Marianne Watts, Principal     

Megan Gutierrez, Chair

Denise White, Achievement Coach

Megan Ord, Vice Chair

Christine Wirthlin, Teacher

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary

Amber Tuckett, Coach

Alexis Parker, Parent


Jessica Smith, Parent


Sarajane Luper, Parent


  1. Approve Minutes: All members in attendance.
    • Principal Watts showed the council how to find past meeting minutes as well as draft minutes on the website. Megan Ord motioned to approve September 2022 minutes, Sarajane seconded the motion all members approved, and the motion was passed with a unanimous vote.
  2. Review current year’s LAND Trust plan, data, expenditures, and review if on course or if amendments are necessary.
    • Principal Watts discussed the purchases made so far this year and described the line-item Apple ITS VPP Credit, that was used by ACC classes this last year to purchase apps for the IPADs. These apps were needed in addition to APPS used by general education students due to the delays the ACC students exhibit.
    • Principal Watts also described the calming kit line-item, its contents, purpose and implementation.
  3. Review School Safety report and Digital Citizenship report from district and begin discussion
    • Principal Watts did a short review of each section of the report and questions were answered about specific procedure
      • the verbiage used during drills
      • that Corner Canyon High school is our gathering place in the case of an emergency that requires evacuating the school
      • when evacuation occurs, the district will contact parents
      • The council discussed the safe walking routes and the concern for a crossing guard on 300 East and the Carlquist roundabout. This would be a potential topic for next SCC meeting that will focus on determining the council’s primary safety concern.
    • Principal Watts discussed the SCC’s primary safety concern last year that was about parents having enough information about recess. The solution last year was an updated handbook with the recess expectations.
    • The SCC’s homework is to think about what the concerns are for this year. These concerns will be discussed at our next meeting. A primary and second concern will be decided on.
      • Megan Ord would like to get teacher input of their concerns. Megan Gutierrez would like to expand that to parent input as well.
      • Principal Watts explained that the safe walking route is something that will be talked about separate from the School Safety report in the spring as an SCC. However we can start investigating walking routes now.
  4. Alexis motioned to adjourn and Megan Ord seconded the motion all members approved.
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