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School Community Council Agenda
Willow Springs Elementary
October 20 2021, 10:00 am

Marianne Yule, Principal Megan Gutierrez, Chair
Denise White, Achievement Coach Alexis Rife, Parent
Shanda Antuna, Achievement Coach Brooke Zimmerman, Parent
Christine Wirthlin, Teacher Cassidy Merrell
DeeAnna Smith, Parent
Kaydee McMahon, Parent

In attendance: Megan Gutierrez, Denise White, Christine Wirthlin, Brooke Zimmerman, DeeAnna Smith, Marianne Yule, Kaydee McMahon, Alexis Rife, Cassidy Merrell(attended for about 10 min. during recess was substituting at the school), and Shanda Antuna.

  1. Approve minutes from last meeting
    1. Discussed improving meeting minutes with more detail and ensuring that all applicable attachments used in meeting discussions are on the website. Marianne Yule will give further instruction to the employee who updates the website.
    2. Reviewed Sept. 22, 2021, minutes. DeeAnna Smith motioned to approve the minutes, Brooke Zimmerman seconded the motion and all members approved.
  2. October 1 deadline: membership form submitted on School LAND Trust website; members & contact information updated on school website; meeting schedule on school website.
    1. Marianne Yule confirmed all information is on the website.
  3. Review current year’s LAND Trust plan, data, expenditures, and review if on course or if amendments are necessary.
    1. Marianne Yule reported there is no new data or change to the LAND Trust plan since the SCC last met.
  4. Receive School Safety report, Digital Citizenship report, and Digital Citizen video from district and begin discussion (guest in attendance – Digital Citizenship Coordinator to join discussion)
    1. Rachael Miller Digital Citizenship Coordinator joined the meeting and presented a Digital Citizenship overview video.
    2. Rachael sends an email with safe usage tips, monthly to teachers & includes it in the newsletter. Teachers are to pass this email on to parents.
    3. Council members did not have any questions or comments about the overview video and the council’s role. Rachael left he meeting.
    4. Filled out part of the Digital Citizenship Report together as a council.
    5. Marianne discussed the procedure when inappropriate searches are attempted by students.
      1. The search is not allowed
      2. Someone at the district is notified of the attempted search
      3. The district notifies Marianne
      4. Marianne notifies the parents
        1. Megan asked if software is accessible to parents. Answer: If on school wifi no matter the device yes but if on a school device at home on a home network no.
        2. Megan suggested that giving parents a list of filter systems for purchase would be very useful.
    6. Discussed School Safety Report.
      1. Entails evacuation routes or if someone unsafe in the building.
      2. During the September 2021 drill everyone exited the school in 3 minutes, and in 5 minutes were all accounted for.
      3. Lock down. Most doors of school are locked during school hours, during a lock down all doors lock. Portable doors are always locked students have a special knock and only teachers answer the door.
      4. Shelter in place
      5. Bomb threat: don’t use that verbiage but talk about following directions and staying safe.
      6. If evacuate and leave school not to return (such as a flood) have safe walking route to Corner Canyon High School, auditorium. Teachers with device (phone, laptop to keep track) would dismiss students to parents at that location.
      7. Communication to parents during COVID created last year. Website, Flyers & class discussion.
      8. Megan asked what is the communication plan for getting parents to the kids? Marianne responded parents would be notified at the appropriate time (if active shooter safest place for kids is locked in the school, after police inform it is safe, parents are informed to come). All communications to parents would come from the district communication department so as to not block the schools phone line during an emergency.
      9. School Safety Plan not on website in order to protect vital information.
      10. The number one safety concern of the council.
        1. Marianne is concerned about playground behavior (eg. going up slides) and the council agreed. Would like to get information home to parents about playground rules. Megan suggested the information comes from the teachers rather than the school, since that seems more likely to be read by parents. With prompting questions for parents to use with their student.
        2. Bus behavior. This year it appears kids are reporting more to the bus driver and the driver to Marianne who then addresses the issue. Does not feel like a large concern at this time.
      11. Marianne will work with teachers and place on website playground rules with conversation starters for parents.
        1. Megan suggested putting some information from the teacher with a link to the rest of the information on the website to help parents get in the habit of going to the website.
        2. DeeAnna suggested including this information in the back-to-school packet.
      12. Action plan for playground rules is to get a packet ready digitally, via voice message and printed to go home with children in January 2022.
      13. Marianne will update the School Safety Report and the council will review and approve in November 2021 SCC meeting.
  5. Update school website with current agenda/minutes/information from meeting
    1. We are up to date once the approved minutes from Sept. 2021 meeting are up.
  6. Web updates as listed in September
    1. We are up to date
  7. Office of Public Engagement performs first audit on websites
    1. We are up to date
  8. Start times at Draper Park Middle (7:30 am)
    1. Megan was contacted by Draper Park Middle school for the SCC to discuss supporting a later start time for Draper Park Middle.
    2. Willow Springs feeds into Draper Middle and Indian Hills.
    3. Current Draper Park 7:30 am time means some middle school students are on the bus earlier than 7 am.
    4. The main hurdle is busing.
    5. 1st period 7:55 am is Corner Canyon High’s start time.
    6. Indian Hills starts at 8:05 am.
    7. A change could affect our start time. The council agreed starting later is not good for Willow Springs.
    8. The council decided to respond to the request of support with questions about getting more information on the impact and specific options under consideration.
  9. Next meeting is November 17, 2021 @ 10:00 am
    1. Brooke Zimmerman moved to adjourn the meeting DeeAnna Smith seconded the motion.
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