13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

School Community Council Minutes

Willow Springs Elementary

13288 Lone Rock Drive, Draper, UT 84020

September 20, 2023 | 10:00 – 11:30 am

Anne Hansen, Principal         

Megan Gutierrez, Parent

Alyx Tatom, Teacher

Megan Ord, Vice Chair

Denise White, Instructional Coach

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary

Megan White, Teacher

Jessica Smith, Parent

Sarajane Luper, Parent

Shalisse Smith, Parent

  • Welcome: Shayla Strife and Ashley Spencer from Oak hollow elementary attended via Zoom. Rebecca Schwarz the Digital Citizenship coordinator for the school was present as she was invited to present to the council. Megan Gutierrez was not in attendance all other council members were present. The Vice chair Megan Ord conducted the meeting.
  • Review and approve minutes.
    • Jessica motioned to approve last month’s minutes. Shaliesse seconded the motion the council unanimously agreed.
  • Review current year’s plans and begin discussion.
    • LAND Trust, TSSP, Safe Walking Routes, Positive Behavior Plan, School Safety report and Digital Citizenship
      • Rebecca gave the council a review of what digital citizenship looks like at Willow Springs.
        • Curriculum taught during the STEM brain booster.
        • White ribbon week.
        • Daily interaction when students sign in on devices.
        • Digital Citizenship lessons focuses on the following areas.
          1. Inclusive
          2. Informed
          3. Engaged
          4. Balanced
          5. Alert
  • Principle Hansen shared the current year’s budget. The Land Trust budget has $88,393.69 and the TSSP budget has $129,588.91.
  • Council reviewed plan for current year. Denise described how this year’s action plan that provides teachers with a half day substitute to observe other teachers as well as work with instructional coaches has already greatly benefited teachers since the start of school.
  • Another action plan item includes the hiring of six reading interventionists, there are currently five interventionists employed at the school. Considering a recent increase in play that came down from district, Principal Hansen suggests waiting to hire the sixth interventionist, so it can observe how the pay raise impacts the budget and how actual enrolment numbers play a role in the need of an additional interventionist.
      • Shalisse asked about practices in place for oversight of the reading interventionists and how feedback is provided for them.
      • Denise works with them in her capacity as a coach on a as needed basis. Principal Hansen also meets with them for an annual review at the end of the school year.
    • Shalisse requested a follow-up on the effectiveness of the school plans action items from Denise throughout the year during SCC meetings. Danise will do so though out the year.
  • Check in on attendance of district training
    • September 27th from 10-11:30 and 6-7:30
    • All members were able to attend a training session.
  • Review last year’s LAND Trust plan.
    • Whether goals were met, how money was spent. May write preliminary final report.
      • Principle Hansen reviewed last year’s budget we had an excess of $416 in land trust and $1,103.29 in TSSP. We were within the 10% allotment for carry over to the next year.
      • Goals were reviewed by the SCC in spring of last school year. All goals were met except for the goal for kindergarten. Kindergarten students who are proficient in Nonsense Word Fluency/Correct Letter sounds will increase by 4% from middle to end of year. At the beginning of the year the kindergartners were at 60%, by the middle of the year they were at 84%, and by the end of the year they were at 80%. We did not see the desired 4% increase.
  • Begin writing School Safety Plan, Digital Citizenship and Safe Walking Routes (only elementary and middle) plans: Due November 1
    • Next meeting principal Hansen would like to invite our school officer, Officer Neff, and Lesly Bruce the crossing guard supervisor to give their input toward the creation of the school safety plan.
    • Jessica appreciated the SCC training that explained the definitions of the different drills and would like to get those details out to parents.
      • Principle Hansen will send the district In An Emergency Take Action flyer shared in the SCC trainings via parent square.
    • Council began creating Safely Plan.
      • Shalisse suggested that to help the council decide top concerns at the school, a survey for parent input could be distributed at parent teacher conferences.
    • Jessica discussed her concerns and ideas for Digital Citizenship.
      • Teachers last year were asked by the council to share what apps they are using, and time spent on the apps in class. Can this continue this year?
        • Principle Hansen talked about how apps get approval before they are downloaded.
        • Principle Hansen suggested asking each grade team who have not already done so, to get together and create an overview of technology use (apps used and time spent).
      • According to information Jesscia has the district Elementary restriction levels on IPADS are the same at high school and middle school. As a school can we choose the highest restriction level?
          • Principle Hansen explained she does not have the authority to blanket a higher restriction level for all students, but individual parents can request it through the IT department.
          • Principle Hansen described what supervision is currently happening while devices are in use in the classrooms.
          • Principle Hansen also suggested a digital safety video and resources on the district website as a reference for council members and parents.
  • Review documents that we were unable to review last meeting.
  • As time permits:
    • Thrive SCC statement
      • SCC was happy with the recent statement that was released by the principal and do not feel a need to create an additional statement.
    • Parent Digital citizenship education, white ribbon week, and electronics in general
      • Jesscia suggested a “Mindful Monday” a day with no device/Tech, during white ribbon week (the no tech is in reference to student’s use of individual devices such as chrome books and IPADS not teacher instruction via classroom projectors and screens).
      • Principle Hansen suggested that teachers be given the option to have a “no tech day” during white ribbon week. Leaving it to individual teachers to decide and to communicate with parents about it.
    • Lockdown procedures/emergency flyer kits
      • Kaydee talked about the Emergency Bag program (based on Lone Peak Elementary’s program) and provided a draft flyer for the council to review. Megan White suggested having a booth at parent teacher conferences as a method to distribute the bags to parents as well as to distribute the In An Emergency Take Action Principle Hansen will provide a table and poster for the booth the SCC members will man the table.
    • Follow-up on logo discussion
      • Logo Committee recently met and discussed fonts and colors. Progress is moving smoothly.
  • Adjourn Meeting
    • Megan White motioned to adjourn the meeting, Alyx seconded the motion, the council unanimously agreed the meeting was adjourned at 11:29 AM.
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