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School Community Council Agenda

Willow Springs Elementary

November 17, 2021, 10:00 am          

Marianne Yule, Principal       

Megan Gutierrez, Chair

Denise White, Achievement Coach

Brooke Zimmerman, Vice Chair

Shanda Antuna, Achievement Coach

Kaydee McMahon, Secretary

Christine Wirthlin, Teacher

Alexis Rife, Parent


Cassidy Merrell, Parent


DeeAnna Smith, Parent



In attendance: Megan Gutierrez, Brooke Zimmerman, Cassidy Merrell, DeeAnna Smith, Kaydee McMahon, Marianne Yule, Denise White, Shanda Antuna, and Christine Wirthlin.

  1. Approve Minutes from 10/20/21
    • Brooke Zimmerman motioned to approve 10/20/21 minutes. DeAnna Smith seconded all approved.
  2. Review current year’s LAND Trust plan, data and expenditures and review if on course or if amendments are necessary.
    • Switch of staff in office. Janett the new hire is still in training. Have 7 land trust interventionists, 1 special education aide, 3 TSSP kindergarten aides. Pay was coming from wrong funds, Marianne and Janett fixed this issue. Still need 4 math interventionists will come from TSSP. Still need 1 special education position filled.
    • Have $5,505 set aside in Land Trust fund have spent $1,350 (headphones) so far.
  3. School Safety report and Digital Citizenship discussion, write reports; if your SCC had any questions after reading reports in October, you should receive answers during November meeting.
    • School Safety: Reviewed report of October SCC meeting about school safety.
    • Marianne added a list of things needed in January packet the action plan decided by SCC to send home.
      • Playground Rules
      • Schedule
      • Safe walking routes
      • Drop off & pickup
      • Cell phone policy
      • Bus rules
      • Reunification plan (meet at CC high)
      • Lunch schedule: 20 min total. The Children can leave after the first 10 min if they want to go. Feedback from parents is that kids don’t have enough time to eat. We need to explain the process of the red, yellow and green signs used to prompt the children. The red sign means the children cannot leave (for the first 10 min), at the 10 min mark the yellow sign means they can go if they want. At the 20 min mark the green sign means lunch is done it is time to leave.
      • Attendance policy
      • Sick policy
      • Locks for bike & scooters
    • DeeAnna suggested to add actual lunch times.
    • DeeAnna asked if we will still spread this via email as well. Marianne suggested sending a link in an email to the website with all the info.
    • Megan suggested the amount might be a lot at once and risks the possibility of not being read by parents, could we spread it out over time one page a month? Are the logistics too much?
    • Marianne suggested that a bound book/handbook all in one place is helpful. Her experience is that one page at a time gets lost in the shuffle.
    • Megan agreed about the handbook but little reminders through out the year to direct parents back to the handbook might be helpful.
    • This year the handbook will go home in January. In the future it will be sent home at back-to-school night or send home within the first week of school. Have stack in office when students come to register.
    • Digital Citizenship: Reviewed report of October discussion.
    • Marianne suggested we have a tab for the handbook on the website.
    • SCC members were in agreement that the report was ready to submit as written.
  4. Update school website with current agenda/minutes/information from meeting
    • SCC discussed if the committee needs to meet in December this year. In order to keep committee members updated, December Land Trust and TSSP numbers will be sent via email by Marianne to the committee members.
    • Marianne motioned to not hold a December meeting, all members agreed.
    • We will still need to update website with meeting minutes which can be approve via email. The website will also need to be updated to say that December’s meeting has been cancelled.
    • Brooke moved to adjourn, DeAnna seconded the motion, everyone approved. The meeting was adjourned.
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